Chris Bosh Gets Ready for Big Game By Suing Ex-Wife!

It's good to be able to compartmentalize, so I'm sure the last thing on Chris Bosh's mind today will be the suit he filed against his ex-wife to get her off VH1's "Basketball Wives":
In his complaint, Bosh said the television series threatens to dilute his trademark and confuse viewers by suggesting that he endorsed Mathis' appearance on the show. The suit said Bosh has cultivated his trademark through YouTube videos that promote basketball programs for children. Mathis threatens to undermine that reputation by attacking Bosh's parenting skills on the show, the suit alleged.

In addition to trademark infringement, Bosh accused Mathis and the production company of violating his right to market his own identity and tell his own life story. He asked for damages of at least $75,000 and injunctions preventing the use of his name or image.

The lawsuit tried to counter any potential free-speech arguments by Mathis and Shed Media by claiming that the show is primarily commercial and does not express anything "other than an attempt to profit from (Bosh's) fame." The suit said the depiction of celebrity NBA players is "the very sum and substance of the show."


  1. Just this morning I was saying how much I like Bosh. Guess I will have to re-evaluate. As annoying as that TV show is, this is the definition of bogus litigation.

  2. Would seem to raise First Amendment issues, no?

  3. Very worthwhile piece of writing, thank you for the post.


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