GrayRob Scores Big in Tally!

So thank God the legislative session is over.

One big winner -- the "extremely Floridian" GrayRob.


They're getting over $700k in taxpayer monies to fight the Fair Districts redistricting amendments:
Most of the money, of course, will go toward attorney fees. The Sentinel reported that House Speaker Cannon has already burned through $800,000 in the redistricting fight. And $700,000 of that went to GrayRobinson, the Orlando-based firm that also happens to be Cannon’s former employer. Small world, I guess.
It is a small world.

Perhaps that is why GrayRob was tapped to defeat a claims bill for Eric Brody, who was paralyzed 13 years ago thanks to the BSO and is still waiting for justice:
The Brody bill became one of the most heavily lobbied of what are known as claims bills. The proposal, which has had different incarnations over the years, was long opposed by BSO and its insurance company.
The company formerly known as Ranger Insurance was represented this year by Peter Antonacci, a lobbyist with the firm Gray Robinson — the former employer of House Speaker Dean Cannon.
Hmm, how about that -- I wonder if there's any connection?

Well, congrats on an "extremely Floridian" job well done!


  1. Sickening, just sickening. The Florida legislature is using our money to fight us, using a law firm that employed speaker Cannon, which is also lobbying to defeat a crippled man's request for justice. This is gut wrenching sickening.

  2. Appaling what happened on this claims bill.

  3. You liberal ninnies can say whatever you want about the policy issues, but you have to recognize that GrayRob does a bang up job in Tally.

  4. Gray Rob does a bang up job? What do you own stock? And who uses a word like "ninnies" in this century?

    I hope Dan Gelber can prevail. The people spoke and now it is sour grapes by legislators. They should be ashamed.


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