Hyderabad Continues To Employ Many People.

And at least three hundred are personally assigned to assisting David Joffe craft the very best press release possible.

Here is the powerful opening paragraph:
People running helter-skelter to find the best criminal attorney in Fort Lauderdale do not have to worry now, as David J. Joffe is an expert best criminal lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to give a strong advocacy to your case.
"Expert best" -- I assume this is somehow better than just "best."

A near-perfect introduction, but is it possible to improve on this text?

Let's see:
Advocate Joffe also has a listing in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers making him one of the top five criminal attorneys in the US.
Top five?

Not too shabby.

I don't want to roam into Brian Tannebaum's area of expertise, and I actually like David and think he's a fine lawyer, but isn't there a way to clean this up just a little bit?

Ok, this stuff is too good, here's one more:
Moreover, you will come across many advertisements in Fort Lauderdale for hiring a criminal attorney, but it is crucial not to depend on them because for a fort lauderdale criminal attorney what counts the most is experience.

Advocate David J. Joffe makes strategies for cases keeping in mind the minimization of effects and consequences of criminal cases, so that clients can have more of their concentration in their professional and personal lives.

All these along with the experience of various cases make Advocate Joffes credentials undisputable. You can stay completely satisfied with your case once Advocate Joffe takes your case in hand.

If you have an accusation registered in any criminal litigation, then it is in your best interest to consult Advocate Joffe and Joffe and his staff will devise an effectual defense plan.
I agree -- if your choices are between an "effectual defense plan" and an "ineffectual defense plan," I would tend to opt for the former but, again, this is not my area of expertise.


  1. "David Joffee also handles appeals criminal. David and his experts brings experts to the use of appeals in the same formidable language in legal briefs as in this advertisement. As one of fifth best lawyers in Universe, you cannot afford to not not have David Joffee as your lawyer appeals case."

  2. Rumpy, "top five" means there are possibly four better choices out there. He needs to work harder.

  3. Roy, Al, Gerry Spence..., Joffee makes four. Who's the fifth?

  4. bunghole, er , rump pole

  5. Aw c'mon! Leave Dave alone. Admittedly, he probably shouldn't have outsourced his marketing, but at least he didn't make up crap for his website like a lot of lawyers in this district. Why don't you blog about some of them?Want some examples? How about the lawyer bloggers who self-promote under the guise of reporting on legal events? All that said, the blog IS hysterical. I bet Dave's pissed he spent that 2.50 an hour.

  6. Geez, it looks like even Nigerian scammers are scrounging for work.


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