"I Award You No Points, and May God Have Mercy on Your Soul."

To my friends in the media:

There's a little trial over somebody's damaged boat that may or may not start tomorrow in Judge Brown's courtroom.

Heard it could be interesting.

A few points arising from the eve-of-trial Halmos motion linked to above:

(1)  Could the process of consent to Magistrate jurisdiction truly be as depicted?

(2)  What to make of trying a case -- non jury -- after presiding over a confidential mediation of same?

(3) "[F]lamboyant grammatical form" (page 17)?

What on earth is he talking about?

Like I said, should be interesting.....


  1. I waited till now (Thursday before Trial) to file this well researched and extensive motion. My doctors told me I could not be involved in this case before then.

  2. And the beat goes on!

  3. Sit down on my couch, put your feet up, and tell me how it makes you feel, when petey calls you at 430pm on a Friday and asks you to draft and file this.

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