Judge Olson Schedules En Banc Show Cause Hearing Against Kevin Gleason.

Olson Gleason En Banc Show Cause

Bankruptcy attorney Kevin Gleason's blistering response to Judge Olson's order to show cause is already legendary, and led to an order by the Judge promising further sanctions.

Well things do not look so good, according to today's order, and may include possible criminal sanctions:
The nature of Attorney Kevin Gleason's April 18, 2011 written response to the court's sua-sponte show-cause order is such that the continued show-cause hearing will be en banc

Local Rule 2090-2(B)(1) provides:
Upon order to show cause entered by at least one judge, any attorney appearing before the court may, after 30 days' notice and hearing and for good cause shown, be suspended from practice by the court, reprimanded or otherwise.
The continued show-cause hearing will consider appropriate sanctions under the court's inherent authority for Gleason's November 2, 2010 and April 18, 2011 Rule 9011(b) violations.  The continued show-cause hearing will also address whether the tone and/or content of Gleason's April 18th written response constitutes civil or criminal contempt of this court.  Attorney Kevin Gleason is ordered to appear and articulate cause why civil or criminal  contempt sanctions should not be imposed.
Mark your calendars:  June 16th at 1:30 p.m.

No mention as to whether Mr. Gleason should be taking his toothbrush to this hearing as well.


  1. Does Judge Olson have the "faux-genial manner that American petty tyrants cultivate"?

    See Janet Malcolm, "Iphigenia in Forest Hills: Anatomy of a Murder Trial" (describing Queens Supreme Court Justice Robert Hanophy).

  2. I am fairly certain that Mr. Gleason's response was intended to be a text book addition to a bankruptcy practice guide on HOW NOT TO RESPOND TO A RULE TO SHOW CAUSE. The pleading was inadvertently filed much to Mr. Gleason's embarassment.

    At least that would be my defense.

  3. No need to bring toothbrush - bankruptcy judge has no authority to imprison.

  4. Does anyone doubt what the gang of 7 will rule???

    The very nature of the reaction to Gleason's intemperate reaction to perceived injustice shows there is a real problem of local bankruptcy courts (and other courts) usurpation of power under the guise of "inherent powers."

  5. gersten quitting third dca.

  6. needs to bring bail money and his own lawyer

  7. i don't know gleason but i've taken a liking to him. i bet he goes down swinging. . . probably tries to prove olson's pomposity as mentioned in offending brief. pass the popcorn and godspeed mr. gleason.

  8. Lèse majesté

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