Looks Like Jeremy Alters Has Finally Made It!

And by "made it," I'm not referring to his firm's role in the recent BoA checking overdraft settlement preliminarily approved by Judge King the other day, I'm talking about getting sued for a percentage of the fees that may be recovered down the road:
As an exhibit, the suit includes a copy of a contract between Campos and Alters' former firm, Alters Boldt Brown Rash Culmo. The agreement stipulates Campos agreed to work exclusively for Alters to develop potential cases.
"Campos brokered significant relationships on behalf of … Alters ... in Latin America such as top members of the government, law firms, attorneys and other noteworthy persons who were instrumental in the origination of cases pursued by the Alters law firm as a result of its agreement with Campos," the complaint said.
Hmm, these things don't ordinarily end too well for anyone involved.

This part isn't too good either, if true:
Campos y Asociados also alleges it originated the Bank of America lawsuit pending before U.S. District Judge James Lawrence King and is entitled to a 25 percent origination fee. Alters acknowledged the class action was originated by Campos in an email Aug. 21, 2008, according to the suit.
Alters has hired Andy Hall, who has moved to dismiss the suit claiming these are foreign attorneys unauthorized to practice law in Florida, and thus the contract is illegal or unenforceable?

If so wouldn't that leave a quantum meruit or unjust enrichment-type claim?


  1. This will get ugly.

  2. For the life of me, I don't know who Jeremy Alters is.

  3. equitable claims would be subject to "unclean hands" defense that plays of the illegal contract concept, no?

  4. maybe he can try this


  5. Depends if contract void or merely voidable.

  6. just saw the buxom woman story. awesome! this is so up your alley SFL.

  7. I may mention it tomorrow, but what I see is a little wiener who has lost control of his case or presentation and wants to blame someone besides himself.

    You have to roll with the situation you're in and make distractions work for you, not complain like a baby.

    Anyways how can that ever be a problem? I mean ever.


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