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More Judicial Departures; More Coming?

Anyone who knows our judges know they are distressed over antics in Tally, openly griping (ok, more so than usual) and are considering their options.

So it is with some sadness that confirmation arrives of 3d DCA Judge David Gersten's departure as well as Circuit Judge Mary Barzee Flores.

I really like this quote from Judge B:
“The enthusiasm among some in Tallahassee to slash spending on our court system, coupled with the staggering volume of new case filings driven by current economic conditions, poses a grave threat to our society.”
Big losses for justice in South Florida, but we thank them for their service and wish them the very best and great success in private practice. 

Three guesses on who's next?


  1. I have nothing but nice things to say about Mary Barzee. I litigated a complex case in front of her in Civil for 3 years before she rotated back to criminal in 2009. She prepared for each hearing, grasped the complex facts and legal issues, and made some excellent rulings (yeah, we won). What lucky firm is getting her?

  2. Big loss to the bench

  3. Oy vey. Cut the cord judge and go to a national firm (or someplace east of Flagler Street). Besides La Loggia all there is to do is listen to the street preacher under the Metro tracks and get the fuck out of there before dark.

    I'm just venting b/c I'll miss you on the bench and because I didn't think Gene Stearns could afford you.

  4. East of Flagler Street? Do you mean Biscayne Bay?

  5. No I guess I meant east of the border of the shitty section of downtown (probably around SE2nd Ave). Sorry.

  6. Good riddance. Four motions to compelling the state to produce discovery yet she refused to hold the states feet to the fire.

    Don't let the door hit you in the ass.

  7. The door that hits her in the ass is going to open a door that pays a lot more than $145K/year!

  8. re: 3:37 pm - i love state court litigators like you. Do you read?

  9. the assumption there is "big money" requires a leap.

  10. "...coupled with the staggering volume of new case filings driven by current economic conditions, poses a grave threat to our society.”

    All those new filings wouldn't be an issue if she knew how to manage her cases rather than constantly kicking the can down the road and constantly granting continuance after continuance. Check her docket and see how many 3+ year old cases she has.

  11. Floridians cannot expect to have judges to endure a 2% paycut 2 years ago, followed by a 1% cut last year in the form of a drastic reduction to life insurance benefits, and finally another 3% cut this year in the form of a pension contribution. All the while, no COLA increase of any kind for the past 5 years. Now, there's talk of another pay reduction next year in the form of extra costs for health insurance benefits. Add inflation to all this and our trial and appellate judges cannot afford to stay. The loss of good judges has a value that is lost on the Governor and many others.

  12. Lord Voldemort rocks!

  13. You don't like her because she ruled against you in one case? What an asshole you are.

  14. In my extensive experience in appearing before her I always found her to be well-prepared, fair and intelligent. What more can you ask for? I'm a little surprised she didn't hang in a little longer. I think she would be a front-runner for one of the upcoming federal judge positions

  15. 7:57,
    All of us, not just Judges, are enduring all the paycuts and reductions in benefits you mentioned.
    She shouldn't risk it with private practice. Read the numbers on out of work and under-employed private attorneys.
    Thanks, Gov. Scott!

  16. @7:57: you are correct. However, it was the mid-size firms like Stearns that remained financially healthy the last few years. They're not going to lay-off Barzee!

    @9:30: she was short-listed for the Southern District along with Bob Scola a year or so ago and I don't see her going into private practice as an impediment to that happening again.

  17. why put her on the fed bench when she quit the system in state. why reward a quitter.

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