Stu Rosenfeldt "Insolvent or Barley Solvent" But Due to Get Huge Tax Refund!

This is one crazy motion.

Apparently the Rosenfeldts are "either currently insolvent or barely solvent," but RRA overpaid them by $8+ million and they therefore are expecting a net tax refund of $2.37 million -- of which they will be paying the Trustee roughly $1.63 million.

To quote Yakov Smirnoff --

What a country!


  1. This guy was a named partner who had access to the firms trust accounts, he was well aware that the firms costs where roughly four times greater than their gross revenues and was well aware that there were hundreds of millions of dollars moving through his firms accounts that were literally unexplainable. It's bad enough that he's not getting criminally prosecuted but now were being told that he's going to settle with the trustee based on a irs refund he's getting from overpayment from his ill gotten gains???!!!

    Even worse, the fcuking bar is sitting on it's hands doing nothing? Where are the emergency suspensions? Stu and Russ took part in the biggest ponzi scheme in South Florida's history and they both get a pass? I guess it pays to be a tribe member...

  2. Kimmie Kimmie Kimmie. You naughty little morsel. I bet she smells like creme brulee in this picture. How she didnt gag when sweaty bloated Rothstein pawed at her in his tight Ed Hardy shirts is amazing. Oh nevermind she had his black Amex. Love Ya Miss Ya Mean It.

  3. If memory serves, I believe Stu is a born-again Christian. Not relevant, I suppose, except to respond to P. Nis's "tribe member" remark.

  4. 8:58, I think the "tribe" remark is off base. Also, your name says it all.

  5. I'm surprised people missed the point of my post -- get a load of Yakov's teeth!

    And to think some were unhappy with the Soviet health care system.


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