Tips for Old Lawyers!

In a nod to Frank Ramos' entertaining and informative new blog, I offer the following tips for those of us who are old (or merely "old at heart"):

1.  Act like an enormous big shot.

Nothing screams success like immodesty!

2.  At judicial receptions and other Bar events, always refer to judges by their first names -- preferably diminutive nicknames.

This both diminishes their respect and enhances yours!

Bonus -- try to imply that you are the reason they are on the bench in the first place.

"Oh I remember young Freddie Moreno when he was just a wee circuit court judge."

3.  Make sure you cover all big hearings even if you are not prepared and have to look back constantly to the junior partner or senior associate behind you at counsel table who actually knows everything about the case.

This makes you look good before the Court and also you can blame your colleague for not getting you sufficiently prepared for the hearing.

4.  Always -- always -- expect to coast on your reputation and/or credibility.

The reality is your mere presence in the courtroom comes with a presumption of correctness that no facts or binding caselaw can dislodge.

5.  If you are a litigator, have the following three war stories ready:

     A.  The judge was incompetent but the jury saw through to your brilliance.

     B.  The jury was incompetent but the judge saw through to your brilliance.

     C.  Both the judge and jury were incompetent but you won anyway (see below).

 6.  Eat at Loggia's.

(I actually agree with that last one.)

Now go make a name for yourself!


  1. You know what's unfortunate in the world today? It's that attorneys are forced to eat at La Loggia because the Circuit Judges can't afford Il Gabbiano and you can't swing a cat without knocking a cigar out of a judge's mouth at La Loggia.

    That list is terrific and reminds me of a certain little chubby munchkin.

  2. My personal favorite is: "Require anyone who is not as important as you to introduce themseleves to you each time they meet you--even if you have met them multiple times, even at the same event."

  3. This is my favorite post.

    Of all time.


    It describes virtually every Miami lawyer over 50.

    Sheer brilliance.

    I don't know how you do it again, and again and again. You're like the blogosphere's version of a porn star. Before "performance enhancing" drugs.

    N.B.: 10:42 am - what's pathetic is the lawyers who go to la loggia have all seen their practices dry up to some degree or altogether. And they don't recognize that lunching there puts them in a group of has beens.

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