3d DCA Watch -- Opinions Spring From Brows Edition!

 The 3d will have one less bunker inhabitant as Judge Gersten enters the world of non-recycled gym equipment and finds that not every bathroom sink in every major commercial law firm is bolted to the wall.

(On the other hand, he's going to Bilzin so you just never know.)

In any event, say farewell and best wishes to the good Judge tomorrow -- event details here.

In other news, Judge Shepherd gets pretty pointed in a dissent from a withdrawn motion for rehearing en banc and tosses around big words and important concepts like stare decisis and brows out of which legal opinions spring fully formed.

Opinions from brows, a perfect image for a comic book -- isn't it about time the 3d starts issuing illustrated orders?

Read all about it here.

LoCascio v. LoCascio:

Judge Schwartz thinks the proceedings below have been "over-protracted."

For those keeping score, that is one grade worse than just plain "protracted."


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