Bismarck's Descendant Is At It Again!

When last we checked in on everyone's favorite SD FL pro se litigant, the busy descendant of Bismarck and Erica Jung was before Judge Zloch articulating a conspiracy involving British intelligence, David Rockefeller, and three children codenamed by the Nazis as "Squirt, Stinky, and Spike."

Now Mr. Delaney is back with a fresh complaint before Judge Martinez, and he has expanded his blockbuster allegations to include Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, President Obama, Pope John Paul, the entire Royal Family (not Pippa!) and of course the Pointer Sisters.

Read on and be amazed and/or stupefied, depending on just how much you trust Detective Kato of the Honolulu Police Department.......


  1. luv me sum squirt stinky and spike in dee mornun

  2. Finally catching up with the Scott Rothstein "Bleak House" legal antics.

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