BREAKING -- Buju Sentenced to 10 Years.

Judge Moody threw out the gun charge but otherwise sentenced Buju to 10 years in prison:
Dozens of letters to U.S. District Judge James S. Moody are included in the court file for the 37-year-old recording artist, whose given name is Mark Myrie. Several of his 15 children wrote, as did a former Jamaican government official, an NBA player, other reggae artists and actor Danny Glover, who called Banton a "role model, philanthropist and spiritual leader in the community."

"Your honor, Mark Myrie is not a drug dealer," Glover wrote. "Society would not benefit from his incarceration."

Banton's attorney, David Markus, says federal sentencing guidelines call for a prison term of at least 15 years. In a court filing, Markus told Moody that is "way more than necessary" in Banton's case.

The judge did throw out a gun charge, lowering Banton's sentence from 15 years to 10. He was also ordered to serve five years of probation following his release from prison.

Markus contended that Banton deserved a lower sentence because of his limited participation in the drug buy, his charitable work in Jamaica and his otherwise clean record.

Banton's oldest son, also named Mark Myrie, wrote that his father "puts hard work, sweat and tears into his music and that is what (he) 'puts on the table,' it has never been drugs....The situation is just an example of our mere imperfections as people, being at the wrong place at the wrong time."
What's the next step, defense lawyers?

(Besides prayer.)


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  3. The Supreme Court issued six opinions today people. Who cares about Buju?

  4. I care about Buju. AND I just read a synopsis of the 6 opinions on SCOTUSBlog, so I guess I have my bases covered.

  5. I typed here a while back that if the gun count stuck, I would stop practicing, so I guess I can continue to practice... damn!

  6. It won't truly have effect, I suppose so.


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