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Casey Anthony Judge Displays Powerful Listening Skills.

I'm not following the Casey Anthony trial and know absolutely nothing about the Orange County judge presiding over the case, the Honorable Belvin Perry Jr., though naturally lawyers who appear before him and are quoted by name don't have anything but nice things to say about him.

And it's a very high-profile case and tensions are running very high etc.

But still I'm just flabbergasted at this judge's inability to understand what defense counsel is complaining about here.

Defense lawyers feel free to weigh in, but the essential idea of burden of proof doesn't strike me as a difficult concept to grasp, whether you agree with defense counsel's request for a curative instruction or not.


  1. I read the transcript. Much ado about nothing. The defense told the judge from day one they had witnesses. The judge informed the jury after the state rested that the defense would be putting on some witnesses. The defense attorneys feel that is some sort of burden shifting. it is not. It is merely the judge informing the jury of the schedule.

    What I see, and I don't think there is anything wrong with it, is the defense trying to create an issue for appeal. But in doing so, it appears they have pissed off the judge and he feels he was misled. And that is not usually a good thing to do.

  2. Thanks Rump. I wish the judge would have acknowledged what defense counsel was saying, that he WAS putting on witnesses but he had no burden to do so and the jury may think he does by the Court's comments.

    Instead the judge seems to not understand this point or maybe he was just ignoring it.

  3. rumpole - you are a true hack.

    " i guess i cant trust anything the defense is saying.."

    from the judge?

    much ado about nothing? really?

    state court hack

  4. money quote:

    "He may look as if he’s falling asleep at times, but he’s thinking deeply and taking in what others are saying".

    when my wife is talking i use that same bullshit line

    "honey, it may look like i'm sleeping but i'm thinking deeply and taking in what your saying".

    she doesn't buy it, though.

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