Ivan Kopas Is Tired.

We interrupt your Heat-induced, post-game, too-tired-for-work stupor to advise you that you are not alone:  Conrad Scherer attorney Ivan Kopas feels your semi-somnolent pain:
"Getting up the next morning, it's rough," said attorney Ivan Kopas, 40, of Pompano Beach, while attending the Heat's home game last Thursday with his teenage son Trevor. "Luckily, I don't have court in the morning."

Some fans are relying on caffeine and energy drinks to stay alert after repeated late nights.
Actually, I did have court the other day and someone was kind enough to capture a photo of me presenting my argument at motion calendar.

Luckily we were in chambers so I was able to sit down:

(Did I mention my motion was granted?)


  1. Ahhh Conrad Scherer. Invokes thoughts of Ken Jenne and lots of caucasian faces.

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