Seven Things I Love Right Now.

My brain is brimming with useless and pointless knowledge (to quote Bobby D), so let's get right to it:

1.  SYSTEM ENTRY - Docket Entry 1388 restricted/sealed until further notice. (nc)

Seriously, how may secret filings can there be in a coverage dispute over a broken yacht?

2.  Smart, articulate women attorneys (especially those who blog!)

3.  That rousing ode to American Danny LaRusso exceptionalism, "You're the Best.......AROUND!":

Question -- shouldn't it just be "You're the Best!".....period?

Isn't the "AROUND" tacked on at the end superfluous, maybe even dismissive?

Is he truly the best, or just the best that happens to be around in the general vacinity of the All-Valley Karate Championships on that particular day?

Speaking of American exceptionalism and politicians who tour around demanding loyalty oaths and exact phrasings of how great we are, I think Garry Shandling has it exactly right -- this is the political equivalent of 
Charlie Sheen running around with strippers and blow, exclaiming that he is #winning. 

(I'm sure it made sense at the time.)

4.  Arresting a bird watcher, in a Weston park, for "sage possession" is almost as stupid as arresting her for "pot possession."

5.  I cannot confirm with certitude that the photo allegedly tweeted by Anthony Weiner is of my package; I say this only because someone apparently photoshopped tighty-whities over it, no doubt someone suffering from "body darkness prejudice."

Why ruin a great photo?

6.  New Blu-ray edition of Night of the Hunter.

7.  Judge Walsh's investiture today.

Remember -- things could always be worse.


  1. I like the pot-luck post today. Very funny.

    Re the sage arrest: first, if the sage I use in my kitchen smells like her sage, it smells nothing like week. Second, if the sage was actually a part of that ginormous, Cheech & Chong-looking blunt shown in the picture, did the cop really think it was the world's biggest unwrapped joint she was possessing? If so, I hope she wins.

  2. Oh yeah, the birdwatcher story. That is some crazy stuff there.

  3. Anyone know why Judge Schwartz (the Alan) wasn't sitting with the rest of the judges at Lisa Walsh's investiture?


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