Someone Still Wants to Photograph Tom Cruise?

Norm Kent believes there is a constitutional right to photograph the All the Right Moves star from a public place on the streets of Fort Lauderdale.

Doesn't he read Carlos' blog?

That is so last century:
"You have no right to arrest a citizen for taking a photograph from a public place where he has a legal right to be," said Norm Kent, an attorney and the editor and publisher of South Florida Gay News.

Kent claimed three of his photojournalists have been threatened with arrest for taking pictures from a public sidewalk and a public garage near the movie set.

"We have three -- three separate individuals on three different occasions," Kent said.

The city of Fort Lauderdale refused to comment, citing pending litigation. City representatives said they did not put up the signs and thought they had been taken down.

"They should have known better than to allow the movie studio to post signs that they're enforcing, and I am asking the judge to enter a declaratory judgment saying the city has acted illegally," Kent said.
Good thing civil justice is swift and sure in Broward County and I know Norm will get a hearing soon.

(What, the movie wraps July 24th?)

Hope you enjoyed your stay, Mr. Cruise!


  1. This kind of Hollywood crap really ticks me off. The guy is famous and is in town filming a movie. So some people are going to want to snap a few pictures. But enter his ego and the studio's moronic Producers and all of a sudden we are not able to look, stare or photograph the almighty Mr. Cruise.

    LOL, it's either that or the studio acted on its own accord and Cruise has no idea. That wouldn't surprise me either. They were looking out for his "best" interests, right...

  2. Miller has a protest organized for tomorrow.

  3. Carlos is doing a good job at bringing the issue of the erosion of our rights to the forefront. It runs deeper than just this case: nobody really cares about Tom Cruise and Hollywood. Carlos's "get together" is about the right of the public to protect itself from the actions of the police and public officials.

    I would call this the "reverse big brother" effect because now that the public is armed with camera and video phones, the police and public officials are under more scrutiny. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, they don't like it.


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