Spencer Aronfeld Responds to His Critics.....One By One.

 Spencer Aronfeld's latest book, Make It Your Own Law Firm, is available for sale on Amazon (you can even download it to your Kindle).

But like anything Amazon sells, that means Spence is subject to the slings and arrows of commenters like Lonnie from Lake County, IL who didn't like the book too much:
I bought this book after reading a negative review for another book and then reading the reviewers other reviews which recommended this book. It must be a plant. Seriously, this book gives no practical information on how to start a law firm. How it can be called a guide to managing and marketing a firm are beyond me.

His advice on marketing your firm is to read the E-Myth. Well, if I wanted to read the E-Myth as to how to market, I would have bought the E-Myth.

Another piece of advice is to buy the book "How to Start Your Own Law Practice." Isn't that what your book is supposed to do?

Want to know how to open your trust account? He suggests going to the bank and reading the local rules. What insight! I would have never guessed I needed a bank to open a trust account.

The book is little more than an autobiographical blog and not worth the price paid or reading if you are thinking of opening a firm. I wish there was a way to get my money back. Live and learn.
But Spence was right there with a response and a money-back guarantee:
Dear Lonnie I read your review today and I am sorry that you were not helped by my book. I certainly wrote it to provide guidance and inspiration to law students who are faced with the prospect of graduating and not having a job as a lawyer. I know you are an accomplished and experienced lawyer. This book was written for law students... I note that most of the books you have reviewed are related to cycling. I am a former cyclist and raced for many years.

Lonnie, In any event, there is a way you can have your money back. Send me proof of your actual purchase of the book on Kindle, because your review does not indicate that you are in fact a "verified purchaser" to me directly at: aronfeld@aronfeld.com and I will personally write you a check back or donate the money to the charity of your choice. You decide.

I realized that when I wrote this book and put my time, effort, heart and soul into it, it would not please everyone. I am sorry you were disappointed in it and wish you the best in your legal career.
I actually like the way Spence handles this.  The reference to cycling is a way to build trust and develop a relationship, he praises Lonnie as a accomplished attorney, and then offers his money back.

(The insinuation that Lonnie never actually bought the book is a nice touch.)

Why can't AT&T act like this?


  1. I am probably the first to crack on Aronfeld on this blog, but that response was smooth as butter. Well done.

  2. I saw the "cyclist" comment as implying "WTF do you know about reviewing books about the practice of law?" Either way, a good response.

  3. Hottest rumor- the great one has purchased a club and is opening a private club for a select few friends. Can anyone confirm??

  4. I heard the same rumors. Are talking about The 100 Heroes Club or the Attorney Breakfast Club?

  5. This guy is a real asshole. I remember when he was facing a contempt charge in Miami befoe Judge Gordon and he brought his parents to court and no attorney. Like a little boy facing the princepal. a true douche bag.

  6. Was he sanctioned? If not the guy's a genius.

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