Waiting for the Man.

I've been waiting in line in front of 73 West Flagler since 4 p.m. yesterday, $26 in my hand -- there is NO WAY I am missing out on this morning's free postage stamp cancellation:
This Friday, the United States Postal Service will designate the Dade County Courthouse as a postal station for the day. After a brief ceremony, with Chief Judge Brown and Miami's Postmaster attending, stamped envelopes brought to the post office's desk in the courthouse lobby will receive an official and unique cancellation bearing the centennial logo (similar to the one below). Each cancelled envelope will become a collector's item, especially those depicting Romero Britto's centennial artwork. If you do not have the below envelope, there will be some available - gratis. The number is limited. This event is for one day only.

Do you know how rare his stuff is?

This is just like that time in college I waited all night for Rush tickets!

(What?  I have been advised that the free Britto postage stamp cancellation logos will be made available on Friday, not today.)

Oh well, this really is exactly like the time I waited all night for Rush tickets.....

I guess I'll see you all tomorrow?


  1. Britto? That is so 2004. For real art, see David Duchovny's ass paintings.

  2. which Rush show? Were you at the Moving Pictures tour at the Sportatorium where the crowd got tear gassed? It literally was a gas of a concert.

  3. As much as I truly appreciate Brazil and its culture, I can't stand that Britto fella. You can't swing a cat in this town without hitting one of his pieces.

    He really jumped the shark when they adorned the parking lot of that shitty water park next to MIA with his sculptures.

    When I see his stuff, it's akin to turning a strobe light on an epileptic.

    How many times do I have to get drunk at the Admiral's Club, risking my ability to board a flight, just because I had to walk past that horrible Britto store in Concourse D?

    Now don't get me started on Botero's sculptures...

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