What Area of the Law Has Kendall Coffey Not Yet Spoken On?

We've previously joked around here about Kendall Coffey's deep and broad knowledge of, well, just about everything.

So I suppose it shouldn't be surprising to learn Kendall is also a foreclosure law expert:
Kendall Coffey of Miami will be the featured speaker at an Annual Convention seminar titled “Foreclosure Jurisprudence in Florida after the Real Estate Collapse.”

Kendall Coffey The program, presented by The Florida Bar and LexisNexis, is set for June 24 from 2 to 4 p.m., at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Kissimmee.

This area of the law needs all the help it can get, btw, so this is good news.

Next up:  fixing Florida's offer of judgment jurisprudential morass?

Warrantless searches in the age of terrorism?

How to make a good pastrami sandwich?

(Any of the above would be fine.)


  1. great juxtaposition of kendall and spencer posts. and it proves a point. what they have both figured out is how to be the first person lazy tv journalist/producer calls to give a soundbite on various law topics. my auto mechanic doesn't need to be an expert he just has to know more than me and i'll pay him whatever he wants if he acts polite and sincere and doesn't seem to be screwing me.

  2. kendall charges door law rates to get in case.

    people who hire him for anything, are desperate and cant afford qualified counsel

  3. He is my type of guy, it takes alot of balls to bit a stripper because he was depressed a case was lost and he wasnt trial counsel. I doubt this loser has ever tried a jury trial. He tried to run for congress and got clobbered. He sent his father back to the strip club to try to tear up the AX charge card he used to buy the stripper champagne before he tried to suck her blood. A real loser.

  4. Kendall actually wrote a book on foreclosure law before he became, well, Kendall Coffey. This foray is not as smorgasboard as it sounds. I read parts of the book. A very nuts and bolts guide to foreclosures. It was helpful because it was simple. A lot of people will see the seminar ad and think Kendall is cashing in on the new specialty de jour. Not true.

  5. Its really bizarre to be around him. He has these constant nervous ticks and hitches that serve to distract from anything he says. Which is probably a good thing for him.

    he is never prepared, shoots from the hip and is disheveled.

    Time and again including recently he has proven that he has very poor judgment. (parading rosenfeldt around the rothstein firm while on tv before learning the facts; failing to disclose to cnn that he was a stripper biter before ofering "commentary" n the spitzer wife cheating hooker thing)

    as lawyers, all we have is our judgment.

    which pretty much makes him worthless.

    and, uh, what 5:03 pm said. who at any age much less 50 whatever sends their 70 year old daddy to cleanup their mess? i find that more repulsive than being at the strip club or biting the stripper.

    loser hack

  6. Too many haters.

  7. I'm typically a hater about everything, but I gots to say, the Kendall Coffey foreclosure book -- creatively titled, if I'm not mistaken "Foreclosures in Florida," is actually preeeeeeeetty useful.

    It once got me out of a jam such that I was able to sidestep a Florida Banking Statute of Frauds issue and delay a massive commercial foreclosure with GT on the other side nipping at my heels for long enough to settle.

    And I'm not one to say nice things.


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