Your Monday Morning Glenn Garvin Sift.

Hi folks, do you know which summer camp to take your kids to this morning?

I don't know about you, but I can feel the summer exodus beginning, as the work load slows down, lawyers arrive later at work, judges cancel their hearings, and Joe Zumpano reflects on the value of humility.

Ahh, the rhythm of the seasons.

Comparing Glenn Garvin's review of Hot Coffee with the NYT's review is like, well, comparing the Miami Herald to the New York Times.

Hey, look at how nice the Washington Times is to Miami labor lawyer Patricia Ireland, who "infested" DC with NOW and their feminist claptrap (I'm paraphrasing):
Analysis: She gets paid to call Governor Rick Scott the devil while exploiting the proletariat. How liberal.
Wait a second -- I thought that's what I did.

Finally, congratulations to Justin Sayfie, now try to reign in the bald one please.



  1. The Washington Times? "Social Issues from Independent Voices?"

    Really? How about - angry drivel from miserable people?

    That is some caustic print. poor writer did not get hugged enough by mommy or daddy. Serious issues with equality and women in general.

  2. Sexist garbage.

  3. You want angry drivel? I'll show 'em angry drivel!


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