3d DCA Watch -- Order Has Been Restored Edition.

 It's that time of the week folks, so let's see what's a happenin, hotstuff, in the bunker of resplendently robed love:

Tire Kingdom v. Dishkin:

Judge Shepherd on class actions.

How do you think he ruled?

In other news, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened -- Kendall Coffey has an opinion on Casey Anthony.

See, everything is back to normal again.


  1. another screw job

  2. anybody catch Jose Baez' closing? talk about exceeding expectations. i only sporadically followed the trial and every time i heard the guy talk he oozed inexperienced and sleazy. i figured i would give him 2 minutes to see him drown in his closing and walk his client to the chair. mutha fugga hit a home run. great tone, glib, embraced his bad facts rather than fight them. top five closings i've ever heard.

  3. Jose Baez may be the legal profession's equivalent of Billy Rohr. For those of you not familiar with the esoteric world of baseball trivia, Billy Rohr was an unknown rookie lefty pitcher with the Red Sox in 1967. In his first major league start, he took a no hitter into the bottom on the 9th with 2 outs. Elston Howard hit a single and broke New England's sports heart. Two weeks later, he beat the Yankees again 6-1. Everyone thought he was the next Koufax. Then . . . never heard from again. Relegated to oblivion. But wait! He re-incarnated himself. And what is he doing today? You guessed it. He is a lawyer in California. Baez will probably never practice again. My guess is that he will cash in via the cable gravy train, piss it all away on booze and women, and be content with being a footnote in Florida's legal history.

  4. I predict he will be Kendall's law partner!

  5. They just got reversed. Opinions like this won't help.

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