3d DCA Watch -- Your Summer PCAs Have Arrived!

Hey it's the summer and no one wants to work, especially the coffee-swillers, who per their summer ritual convert the central courtroom into an old movie palace where they play Where the Boys Are on endless loop until everyone accepts that George Hamilton should really be the bunker's next Chief Justice.

(We know who the hold out this year was, but we're not going to say!)

Oh yeah, after four or so apodictic days of continuous Connie Francis exposure, the bunker releases a few glorified PCAs and then they are on to their next summer flick, the delightful yet underappreciated Love at First Bite.

(Not often considered a summer movie, but you have to give the bunker a little leeway, it is the summer after all.....)


  1. You haven't lived until you've watched "Where the Boys Are" with someone who can lip sync the entire movie.

  2. Very funny post today SF.


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