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Guess Who's Representing That Guy Suing Zo?

I'll give you a few hints -- he's got his very own breakfast club; he's written books as well as responses to reviews of his books; and he knows how to wield a sushi knife!

Anyone know who I'm talking about?


  1. and he's a joker

  2. Hi there,

    I emailed you on your gmail for this blog. Take a look and get back to me.


  3. The sushi knife incident was a classic.

  4. is his office right across the street from that stripmall a/k/a Coral Gables District Court where I can plead no contest to urinating in public then renew my tags?

  5. What an ass. Holding a press conference 2 days after the accident when Zo merely hit 2 vehicles that had already been in an accident and the occupants were not in the vehicles. This idiot makes Ellis Rubin look almost ethical.

  6. Our Clarence Darrow!

  7. Never one to let an opportunity for a press conference get away, I anxiously await his spin on the Kim Kardashian lawsuit (

    ...his class action suit on behalf of all big boob, big booty brunette pornstars against Kim Kardashian for infringing on their ho likeness and persona.

  8. I like Spencer Aronfeld, and I think he is a very good attorney. I often find myself defending him on this blog. However, his recent lawsuit/press conference regarding Alonzo Mourning is indefensible and simply reeks of publicity seeking.

  9. The fact that Zo was cited A WEEK AFTER he openly broke the law shows how backward our jusice system is. BUT FOR this lawsuit it would have been another celebrity "getting away with murder." We should be thanking Mr. Aronfeld for doing what our system has grown too cowardly to do.

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