Judge Huck Reversed Over "Love Boat" Jurisdictional Ruling!

Did you know Judge Huck is presiding over a case involving the "Love Boat" of 70s TV fame?

Not only that, like most relics of the 70s including possibly Lauren Tewes and Ted McGinley (the ship's photographer!), it is in "deteriorating and defective condition."


Thanks for spoiling another treasured childhood memory.


  1. too much coke for the cruise director

  2. Casey Anthony is a murdering skank but the idiot attorneys on TV who said her lawyers were making rookie mistakes are talking head morons.

  3. Dude, I totally forgot about Ted McGinley being on "The Love Boat." And that video was pretty funny - star-studded cast of guest stars if you ask me

    Good post for sentimental reasons!


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