Michael Hanzman Gets Call While In Colorado Movie Theater!

I guess maybe that shouldn't be the headline, given that the call was about young Miami golfer Erik Compton (though it's still a great image):
Since the Mexico Open wasn’t on TV, DeLucca had to track Compton’s hole-by-hole progress on the Internet. When Compton reached 14-under on the eighth hole, DeLucca called Michael Hanzman, Compton’s longtime friend who has supported him financially and asked for nothing in return. Where was Hanzman? The only fitting place: a movie theater.

“I called him, and he was out in Colorado seeing a movie,” DeLucca said. “He answers, whispering, ‘Hi Charlie. What, Erik just tied for the lead? I can’t talk, but call and let me know how it’s going.’ When Erik finished at 17-under in the lead, I called him and he was out of the movie theater in the lobby on his cellphone watching the score.
Ok, this is actually a really nice story.

Congrats to Michael for supporting this kid and helping make his dream come true.


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