Alex Acosta Joins Robert Bork in Providing Legal Support to Mitt Romney!

Oh Mitt Romney, you have the moral and political center of a mallomar (and that's what people like about you!)

Yet your high-powered, newly-assembled "Justice Advisory League Committee" has the firm rock-hard abs deadwood center of none other than former cranky old 80s pop star and "Saturday Night Massacre" alumnus Robert Bork:
On Tuesday, Romney announced his "Justice Advisory Committee" which, according to the campaign "will advise on the Constitution, judicial matters, law enforcement, homeland security, and regulatory issues." The group will even "provide legal counsel to the campaign" when it's "appropriate and permitted."

The list includes a roundup of some of the country's most conservative legal minds, and it's a possible precursor to what a Romney administration's Justice Department might look like.
At the top of the list is Committee co-chair Robert Bork, the former Reagan Supreme Court nominee who infamously began his legal career with strident attacks on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 
Hmm, anyone from South Florida on this list?

Just everyone's favorite access-to-justice, increasing-diversity, public law school dean, FIU's Alex Acosta!

Is it fair to judge a publicly-funded law school dean by the company he keeps?

(BTW that Bork pic is now my screensaver, I just love a guy who points threateningly while speaking).

Your move, swlip.


  1. Acosta was picked by that group because he is uniquely qualified. You may take that comment in any manner you chose depending on your view of Bork, et al.

  2. Acosta for Attorney General!

  3. I've been asked to be on Bachmann's Justice Advisory Committee. A very small group.

  4. Kathy Williams (and three other district judges) confirmed yesterday.

  5. 11:28, yes great news as I tweeted last night.

    Down side is the Senate left 20 nominees hanging where they traditionally confirm uncontroversial nominees pre-recess.

  6. The list is getting very short. Former Nixon administration officials who are alive. I count Bork, Pat Buchanan and Leonard Garment. AUSA Pat Sullivan and Judge James Lawrence King do not count.

  7. What do you expect me to say? I'm no big fan of Bork, but I do think he got royally screwed in the SCOTUS confirmation hearings (he was certainly more qualified than either of Obama's appointees to the Court).

    As for his signing onto the Romney camp ... er ... I can't get excited about it, "one way or another."*

    * The title of a really cool Blondie song.

  8. Btw, I saw word last night that Jordan has been nominated for the 11th Circuit. Which, I guess, everyone had been expecting.

    Excellent choice, in any event.

  9. "Bork" is, and always has been, a good synonym for 'f**k' for any number of reasons.

  10. And swlip, I've missed you, like jock itch.

  11. Glad to see that the era of "Hope and Change" continues bringing people together in a "New Era of Civility."

  12. I do hope you're not paying your hookers in change. Is that good enough? XXOO


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