Check Out This Cool WH Infographic!

How boring are judicial confirmations to the general public?

It's amazing to me that Democrats continue to be stuck with horrible branding on issues of tremendous importance, like "the mandate," "entitlements," or "Harry Reid."

Still, they keep trying.

In yet another effort to spiff up the exciting "judicial confirmation crisis" the WH has released the above nearly impossible to read infographic (actually, you need to click on the image or click here to expand), which sets forth in neat flow charts how disastrous the current situation is with our federal judiciary.

Here's some of the rosy news:
Unfortunately, the delays these nominees are encountering on Capitol Hill are equally unprecedented: earlier this month, the Senate left for its August recess without considering 20 eminently qualified candidates, 16 of whom had passed through the bipartisan Senate Judiciary Committee completely unopposed, a development the Washington Post called “not only frustrating but also destructive” in an editorial published yesterday.

The victims of these delays, of course, are the American citizens who are being denied the fair and timely judicial proceedings they deserve because of the chronic shortage of federal judges on the bench.  Stephen Zack, president of the American Bar Association, told Senate leaders in a recent letter that the abundance of vacant federal judgeships “create strains that will inevitably reduce the quality of our justice system and erode public confidence in the ability of the courts to vindicate constitutional rights or render fair and timely decisions.”
I know I know -- your anecdotes about how slow things seem at the federal courthouse and one time you saw a judge leave work early trump all these stupid "statistics" and "data" so problem solved.

But question -- is there any reason to delay Judge Jordan's confirmation to the 11th?  Would it be good if he didn't make it?

If the answer is no maybe we should try to help accelerate this process.


  1. There is no self control in federal courts in many times contradictory, judicially "legislated" rulings that can have no relation to actual law. So what do you expect? Everyone wants to be the one to pick a lifetime legislator ... a federal judge!

  2. I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is the logical result of how the Dems decided to handle the Bork and Thomas nominations for the SCOTUS -- completely politicizing the process.

    Going back even further, though, it tends to vindicate critics of Roe v. Wade who said that, regardless of whether one favored the result, the opinion was an example of judicial overreach which would have destructive consequences for the judiciary.

    But as to Jordan, has he even gotten through committee?

  3. swlip, he's not one being held up (yet) but you have to consider there are many ahead of him who have gotten out and are still waiting for Senate action.

  4. Well, perhaps Obama can make a speech on his way back from the links on Martha's Vineyard.

  5. Yes Obama's vacation is the root cause of all human misery.

  6. Maybe the Senate is getting tired of being presented with a parade of perverted, criminal, Marxists to confirm.

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