Your Monday Morning Digital Dump.

Hi kids, it sure felt like we had a monumental weekend, is everyone ready to get back to work?

Here are a few random things I am thinking about at this moment:

RKRPEVN Rasco Klock (hey, they took up my suggestion!) partner Jack Shawde is a pretty damn fine guitarist.

Check him out with Magda Hiller, above.

Wife responsible for not turning in husband's fraud?
On Friday, surrounded by family and friends, Gamblin was sentenced to 15 months in prison for being loyal to Roger Gamblin, her husband of 28 years, instead of turning him into authorities and admitting what she knew about the spectacular collapse of Flagler Title Co.

"I'm a good person," the much thinner and grayer version of the once bubbly blonde told U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra. "I just made some really bad decisions. I'd do anything I could to make it right."
After listening to Gamblin's sister pledge to help her sibling regain her moral compass and an insurer criticize Roger and Peggy Gamblin for the widespread damage they caused, Marra chose a middle ground.
Girl in a Bar, your thoughts please.

Somebody in Indiana (ok, it's the AG) isn't buying what Palm Beach foreclosure defense attorney Thomas Matevia is selling.

And finally, today is is the anniversary of the Beatles' last live concert (not counting the Apple rooftop), in Candlestick Park, San Francisco in 1966(!).

Thirty three and a third minutes of off-key screaming adulation.

(Just like when I make an appearance at calendar call.)

Rock on John and Georgy!


  1. Thanks for asking, SFL! The most distressing part of the whole story, in my personal, militant feminist view, is the statement attributed to Judge Marra that Gamblin "is like the vast majority of women who appear in his court: 'Women who get involved with the wrong men.'" Really??! The vast majority? I know it sounds . . . okay, stupid, but I do hope that he's wrong, and that more women than he thinks are making their decisions -- even their crappy, criminal decisions --based upon something other than the desire to hang onto their men.

    As for Peggy Gamblin and her lawyer's argument for leniency based upon the "I did it all for love" theory, you know how I feel about THAT particular defense, and in case you've forgotten . . . .

  2. Folks, to borrow from Jim Rome for a moment, this is how you deliver a take. Thanks!


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