Donald Trump To Allow Planes To Fly Over Mansion After All!

When last we checked in on The Donald's efforts to protect Palm Beach residents (him) from annoying airplane noise over Mar-a-Lago, Trump attorney Jim Beasley was proclaiming victory even though most of his claims were dismissed.

Now, through new counsel(?) John B. Marion IV, it appears victory is complete as Trump is dropping the lawsuit entirely:
“Since the reason Mr. Trump filed this lawsuit in the first place was to protect the citizens of Palm Beach County affected by unreasonable airport traffic and noise, and since it is now apparent that the county has abandoned or put the very things that threatened those citizens on indefinite hold for at least 34 years, Mr. Trump has decided to dismiss the case for now.

“However,” the letter went on, “he will not hesitate to file a similar action in the future should the county again take action which threatens county residents with unreasonable airport noise and traffic.” 
With Trump everything is always win-win, isn't it?


  1. The best is where does this guy think he is going to be in 34 years. Certainly not on top of the ground.

    Standing anyone?


    Have you SEEN Miss Universe Israel, 2011????

    But like, she is only 18 and looks younger. It's kind of creepy, really.

  3. 7:24, thank you.

    Finally we have obtained important news via this crappy blog!

  4. Trump is a master spin artist. He's the most successful business man ever...right? But nobody ever mentions the bankruptcies he's had. LOL. So yes, it's always win-win. "The Donald" and his hair always gets the last laugh.

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