L'Shana Tova, Plebes!

To my many fellow Jewish brethren, you now have two weeks to undo everything you did wrong last year -- better hurry!

All kidding aside, thank you readers, tipsters and commenters for making this occasionally fun and every now and again even mildly informative.

If I offended any of you it certainly was not intended and I do sincerely apologize.

And if you can't make it to shul tonight but you must have your Shofar fix -- of course there's an app for that!

Who's cutting out of temple early tomorrow with me to go see Bryan Ferry?

Oy with the Jews.

UPDATE -- What kind of lawyer insists on a deposition going forward on Rosh Hashanah?

Check out this motion, which Judge Freeman just granted, imposing sanctions to boot.

The book stays open only two weeks folks!


  1. That is just gross.

  2. I'm doing the daily double tomorrow, too (shul then Bryan Ferry); l'shana tova!

  3. You scooped Above the Law. Congratulations!

  4. Great video, do you have more about La- shana trova ?

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