"Move and Shake" With Spencer Aronfeld!

At the upcoming 2011 Movers and Shakers dinner, where Spence is the Keynote Speaker:
A Coral Gables attorney who won one of the largest ever settlements against Walt Disney World will be the keynote speaker at Business Leader's Movers and Shakers Award Dinner on Oct. 13.

Spencer Aronfeld founded and has led Aronfeld Trial Lawyers since 1991. He garnered Business Leader's Movers and Shakers award in 2010. He has appeared on the NBC's Today Show, Court TV, Primer Impacto, Montel, Tyra, Dateline NBC, America's Most Wanted, The Insider, CNN and HLN.

Aronfeld earned international recognition after his first jury trial, when an Orlando jury awarded his Uruguayan clients a $100,000 verdict against Walt Disney World. Before trial, Disney had offered his clients $1,200. That verdict remains one of the largest in a personal injury case against the Mouse. Aronfeld's legal battle was recounted in the book, "Disney, the Mouse Betrayed."

The Business Leader's Movers and Shakers Award Dinner will be held 6-9 p.m. at The Bankers Club, One Biscayne Tower, 14th Floor, Miami. Reservations for the dinner can be made online.
And don't worry -- if the speech doesn't do it, Spence personally guarantees to move and shake each one of you with a demonstration of his patented, truly unforgettable "Sushi Lawyer" litigation technique.

(Sorry, it just doesn't get old.)


  1. Let there be an "accident."

  2. 100k?

    Sounds like a settlement in a "I bit into this candybar and chipped my tooth on a unexpectedly hard part" type case.


  3. I like the videos of this dude 'cause he always add something to his videos and talking about the video this definitely it's an "accident" you know what I mean lol.

  4. Maybe one day he'll pay what he owes to people. Many people. Including his landlord for $7000/mo for the house (yes rented) and $2000/ mo for the car Gee. 31 employees in an 8 person firm in 3 years. How to start your own law firm....um. Not his way

    Trial lawyer? He hasn't been to trial in years


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