To the Moon, Gleason!

Well, for at least 60 days.


  1. yada yada yada.

    The local bankruptcy Tsars (excuse me, I apologize, judges) spent enormous time and effort on a matter that could have been quickly ended with a fine. Yet, two "Bernie Madoff" look-alikes (Lew Freeman and Marika Tolz) operated unimpeded for many years before these very judges. And they were only discovered when they ran out of money ... their Ponzi schemes collapsed!

    You would think local bankruptcy judges (and congressional or other appropriate investigators) would spend a fraction of the effort spent on the absurd squandering of reputation on the Gleason "sanctions" matter, on protecting the public from the likes of Freeman, Tolz and likely many others.

  2. "Pro Bono work is not a sanction?" Easy for Judges working on the government's dime to say. Taking on 7 pro bono cases is no small thing to the rest of us trying to cover our nut every month.

  3. Maybe the worst album of men at work ever, what a shame.


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