FIrst Monday in Yada Yada.....

Hi kids it's Monday so start paying attention to work again.

What did you miss during your weekend-long frolic and detour?

Take a gander at Judge Zloch's PSLRA-based dismissal of the securities case against David Stern's "processing" company.

Six Supreme Court Justices attended Red Mass (one was a Jew!) so that probably means health care is dead.

Actually I liked this part:
The archbishop did not follow in the fiery footsteps of clerics presiding in the past who took the opportunity to lecture the high-profile audience on the evils of abortion, gay marriage and humanism. He dwelt instead on “the importance of the perfection and integration which self-forgetfulness, generosity and humility bring to a life of Christian service.” 
"Self-forgetfulness, generosity and humility" -- probably the top three attributes that come to mind when I think of the South Florida bar!

SD FL CM/ECF to go dark in honor of John Lennon's birthday (that's what they are calling "system maintenance" nowadays).

Talk to me -- what else did I miss?


  1. The Rothstein way.

  2. Ryskamp recusal motion in FAU employment disc case.

  3. Mercury, it's not what we thought!

  4. I love this video this guy was one of the most important music in his years


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