New Math: Joe Klock + Notice of Appearance = Judge Seitz Recusal.

We've been tracking the sanction proceedings before Judge Seitz triggered by counsel's filing of an emergency motion to stay one of the Judge's orders.

Since then Receiver David Mandel filed an order to show cause and motion to disqualify the subject law firm, and on October 5th none other than Joseph P. himself entered an appearance to handle the disqualification motion only.

Joe's notice directly led to Judge Seitz' recusal:
Last night attorney Joseph P. Klock, Jr. entered his appearance in this matter on behalf of the law firm and attorneys of Ivy, Miller & Walker, P.A. Klock's clients are presently subject to a motion to disqualify counsel and may also be called as witnesses in this case. Klock is the former law partner and father of the goddaughter of the undersigned Judge. The undersigned Judge is currently planning a bridal shower for Klock's daughter scheduled for next month.
Mazel tov on the wedding Joe!

(Sorry about that, Judge Cooke.)


  1. Klock must have known this would happen.

  2. i just sprained my rotator cuff patting myself on the back having called it for klock in the original SFL "seitz is gonna put this poor guy in jail blog post".

    what are the odds that seitz is pissed at joe and resigns from sponsoring shower?

  3. I just wanted to say that I hate the new look! Clean lines, and soft colors indicative of infestations of yuppie hipsterism and the feverish neglect of the underclass!

    I bet it looks great on an iPad!

    Translation: I'll get used to it.

  4. Why do I always think "bush league," when I hear the name joe K\klock?

  5. Skuzzy move by Kloch.

    Improper recusal IMO.

  6. Client must be happy

  7. Godwhacker, you are too funny, but I have to disagree. It looks great.

  8. "yuppie hipsterism and the feverish neglect of the underclass" -- exactly what I was going for!

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