Proof Blogging Makes You Famous!

My pal Francisco Ramos, who writes the informative and entertaining Tips for Young Lawyers, gets a nice Florida Trend profile here.

An excerpt:
When Francisco Ramos Jr. became a lawyer 14 years ago, some of the more experienced attorneys at his firm often spent time advising him and other young lawyers.
"There was a little more time for senior attorneys to spend with younger attorneys, and I find that's less the case now," Ramos says. "There are more lawyers chasing fewer clients, and there's more of a focus on the bottom line, so things that don't translate directly to money — i.e. trying to mentor somebody — kind of go by the wayside. I think most young lawyers are looking for a mentor and, unfortunately, a lot of them don't have one."

Now, they have Ramos.
Wait a second -- 14 years ago?

So Ramos is 39!

Does he even qualify to be a member of the Young Lawyers Division of the DCBA anymore?

Regardless, wisdom comes with age (or so I hear).

The other salient point -- Frank blogs to help others.

Think about that.

That makes him a rarity in the blogging world (but then you already knew that).


  1. I love mentoring young lawyers, and I know nothing of law mind you!

  2. I think there is not a most boring job in the world than this one... Not matter how much a company offers to me, I'm not gonna do this never (neva is neva).


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