SFL Friday -- Really Bored Edition.

Hi kids, that was a nice event last night for the law library, wasn't it?

Not too much happening otherwise....

Jeff Feiler has a new website!

Oh man, see what I mean?

Here's a NYT editorial on the latest arbitration case before the Supremes.

Something about "secret evidence" rubs me the wrong way.

How many judicial fundraisers do I have to attend this month?

Judge Jordan voice vote -- the document.

Come on, people, help out!


  1. 47 and bring checks

  2. it seems to have been a slow couple of weeks; nonetheless, I really enjoy your blog and just wanna say "thanks" for entertaining me every day.

  3. A slow week? Revolution is happening in the streets babies! Get you're bottle of rum and your forged Cuban passports ready for the reverse Exodus!

    They are coming for the man, double entendre and all.

  4. burn baby burn...capitalism falls by its own weight...watch the capitalist eat their own babies..

  5. You could use another photo... I'm not very involve with this project but i have hear some good stuff about it...


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