Special Report: Inside the Occupy FBA Installation Dinner Protests!

[Ed. note -- I received this front line transmission late last night from one of the #OFBAID protesters who converged on the Biltmore to protest Brett Barfield's continuing and successful efforts to improve, modernize, and upgrade the South Florida chapter of the Federal Bar Association.  His/her unedited report follows.....]

I write this from deep inside the belly of the beast, having endured hours of lovely cocktail conversation, fantastic tributes to newly confirmed judges Kathy Williams and Bob Scola, and a very moving and deeply affecting Judge Edward Davis award (the "Ned") presentation by Judge Gold to Judge Hoeveler.

That is not to say I did not suffer for the cause.

For example, in a clear act of self-abnegation, I purposely sat next to Scott Dimond.

Additionally, rather than eat all three of the delightful tortellini appetizers I only ate two (and half of one that Judge Moreno left on his plate).  My filet was undercooked yet I did not complain.  My will remains strong.

Conditions here are dire.  I have asked repeatedly for another glass of merlot but instead keep receiving cabernet.  I have not returned the seven glasses of clearly inferior swill offered; rather I have drunk them in solidarity as my injustice indigestion continues to build.

I have been forced to send this message from a secret underground location the beautiful courtyard overlooking the golf course using the free hotel wifi.  Although the riot squad has not pepper-sprayed me yet, I am sitting next to Scott Dimond.  Repeat:  I am sitting next to Scott Dimond.  He is discussing proposed rule amendments and GOOD LORD!!!...crackle...ack!....[]

[ed. -- transmission ended abruptly at 11:37 p.m.; no further communications were received]


  1. My steak was cooked just right. Seem strange....

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