"We Have a Supreme Court that wants to decide what the law is."

That is everyone's favorite village idiot, Rick Scott, in comments to Bob Harden on Monday, according to the DBR (story not online).

When can this guy go away?

It appears Scott is evading compliance with the Florida Supreme Court's ruling anyways:
Less than two months after the Florida Supreme Court ruled that Gov. Rick Scott could not require agencies to get his formal approval for rules they wanted to enact, a spokesperson said Wednesday the office is still reviewing the proposals — informally.

But a few House Democrats said such action may violate at least the spirit of justices’ 5-2 decision.
“Isn’t this like an end run around the court decision, that you”re subverting the court ruling?” Rep. Franklin Sands, D-Weston, asked Patricia Nelson, deputy director of Scott’s Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform.
 Also, Big Rick has absolutely no contingency plans for Florida in the event the US Supreme Court does not "repeal" Obamacare:
Do you have a plan for the state if the Supreme Court says Obamacare is constitutional?
I am hopeful it will get repealed. If it doesn’t get repealed, it will devastate jobs in our state. Our biggest businesses are hospitality and agriculture, and neither of those industries can afford it. It would also devastate small employers.
 That's comforting!


  1. I'd say that Scott is the worst thing to happen to Florida since mosquitoes, but even mosquitoes are a food source for small fish.

  2. Just as a matter of curiosity, and allowing for the fact that the givernor cannot require it, is there some law that prohibits department heads from voluntarily submitting their proposed regulations to the governor or for that matter, anyone else, for comment?

  3. "We Have a Supreme Court that wants to decide what the law is."

    file that under keep yo mouf shut lest everyone know how stoopid u is.

  4. I dislike him, but he has done a great job with judicial appointments in this circuit...so far.

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