Who'll Stop the Rain?

Hi kids, it's still soggy, dark, and gloomy -- and that's just inside my law office.

Glenn Garvin finally explains what motivates almost everything he ever writes -- the "feminists" in college thought he was a total dweeb.

(I knew it was Maude all along.)

I love the simplicity of these short, declarative statements on the 11th Circuit website:
Published Opinions are binding precedent.
Unpublished Opinions are not binding precedent.
 If only life could be so easy!

Judge King grants sj to Stiefel Labs in case brought by former employees, upholding general releases.

Finally, things are tough all over -- BoA made $6 billion this quarter and Citigroup limped by on only $3.8 billion -- but every cent well earned you can be sure!


  1. They didn't think he was a dweeb. They thought he was a creep. Because he is.

  2. hahaha that old geezer looks so hilarious! indeed what a creep!


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