Judge Moore Explains How to Download "Corbin Fisher Amateur College Men Down on the Farm" Using BitTorrent.

Hey it's a slow news day, what do you want?

Here's Judge Moore explaining how BitTorrent works (for those of you over 45):
Unlike traditional peer-to-peer ("P2P'') networks that require a user to download a file from a single source, the BitTorrent protocol decentralizes distribution of a file by allowing users to join a swarm of hosts to download and upload from each other simultaneously. The process begins with one user, commonly referred to as a "seed,'' who makes the file available. The seed then creates a "torrent'' file containing (1) a unique string of alphanumeric characters used to verify the data of the underlying file that is being transferred, and (2) a "roadmap'' to the IP addresses of other users who are sharing the file identified by the unique hash code. Am . Compl. 33(a). Other users, referred to as "peers,'' then download the torrent file, which in turn, allows them to identify and download from other peers who possess portions of the file described by the torrent. As each peer downloads a new piece of the file the peer becomes a source of that piece to other peers. Once a peer has accumulated enough individual pieces of the file, software allows the peer to reassemble the aggregate file.
And all just to see young men perform vigorous farmwork!


  1. How did you possibly find a Corbin Fisher link that is actually SFW?

    That must be the only one of millions! A true needle in a haystack, which is in itself an unattractive metaphor for a gay porn site.

  2. Dude - NEWSFLASH...Halloween is OVER.

    i had laid odds godwhacker would be first up with the comments....

    PS what did you dress up as for halloween, SFL?

  3. Halloween is NOT over until my micro-dot hangover is gone. Could be any day now.

  4. The usual -- Scott Rothstein's fake Judge Marra order.


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