Judgment Day!

 Hi folks, so Judge King approved the BoA checking overdraft settlement.

Now the fun begins!

And Judge Moreno ruled against Watson Pharmaceuticals in a big patent infringement case.

Plus I only have 14 judicial fundraisers to attend this week.

Gosh it's slow around here -- doesn't anyone have some tips for your friendly neighborhood blawger?


  1. i'd like to be the owner of the collection when the appeals are final and the attorneys' fees are disbursed. podhurst: "i'd like a bentley, a rolls, a maybach and that porche sedan whatever the fugg its called . . . and throw in one of each in white for my wife."

  2. Podhurst could have done that long ago - don't expect him to change one bit.

  3. where does the settlement leave mr. alters?

  4. With perhaps not as much as he would of liked, but still very well off.


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