Mark Gold Has a New Spokesperson!

When Mark isn't battling unjust adult entertainment business practices, he is very busy with his successful DUI practice.

Check out his latest ad above (an improvement on his classic "lawyers in diapers"?).

h/t Random Pixels


  1. Frigggin rethugs did away with the child labor laws too.

  2. Gold is an idiot. With that being said, I'm jelous of the zillions he is making.

  3. I hate lawyer advertising, I hate youtube self promotion (S.A., et al.), but that ad is probably one of the best I have seen.

    Love it.

  4. Love the ad. It won't make me use the firm if I needed to, but I still like the ad. Gold might be an idiot, but he doesn't make the zillions like Justin Bieber does.

    For a blow by blow synopsis of the Beibs' encounter with his new Babymomma, read here:

    The more I read, the more I believe he bopped this chick because Selena wasn't giving him what he thought he deserved. A 30 second quickie in a bathroom was all he needed to relax for his next set.


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