Monday Morning Round Up.

Hi kids, let's see what is happening on this beautiful Monday.

1.  Brian Tannebaum is officially one of the most important people*

*on Twitter!

**and he's mad about it!!

2.  Local LGBT law students unite:
"I have been working with lesbian and gay law students from all four Southeast Florida law schools (UM, FIU, Nova, St. Thomas) to create a unique regional organization. The organization is called Unified Students (“US”) and our goal is to organize students who want to get involved in LGBT related pro bono work. Some projects we would like to work on include (i) conducting a legal clinic under the supervision of attorneys to help LGBT families with estate planning that will hold up under Florida state laws, (ii) creating an internet data base to connect students wanting to do volunteer research for LGBT related pro bono cases with attorneys looking for research on those kinds of cases, and (iii) attempting to change policies of homeless shelters that exclude transgendered people."
These are terrible goals -- doesn't anyone want to bomb Iran?

3.  Aww, how cute:  Terrell Owens sues GT.

And how was your weekend?


  1. Carvey is too talented for America.

  2. Nothing spices up homeless shelter life like some transgendered bunkmates

  3. The dude is completely just, and there is no suspicion.
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