Of Course Glenn Garvin is Now Covering the Occupy Miami Protests.

It makes sense -- there is literally no other Miami Herald reporter better suited to report objectively on the protests, is there?

I like this part of Glenn's report:
“And I heard last night that one of the women is pregnant, so maybe we’re going to have our first baby,” says Kelley Roark, a Miami attorney who supports Occupy Miami and has advised the movement in its sometimes-prickly negotiations with the county over its permit to use the plaza.
Good for you, Kelley!  (You can learn more about Ms. Roark's practice here).

To give Glenn a mild amount of credit, his report makes no reference to bra-burners, "free love," Nixon, or Maude, so I'm putting it in the plus column.


  1. Another superior decision by The Herald.

    Silver Surfer couldn't have made a better call.

  2. Garvin opinions are like......


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