Tod Aronovitz on Genting: Beware My Love.

Tod Aronovitz makes his voice heard on the Genting mega-casino in a letter published this weekend in the Herald (I've provided a helpful guide to Tod's comments in italics):
Beware of promises

In listening to the Genting Group’s promises of economic salvation consider your quality of life.  (As bad as it is now, it will be way worse.)  Whether you live in Kendall, Westchester or Miami Gardens, traffic gridlock will be worsened by the proposed Genting mega project. (Have you been to a Heat game?) There’s no viable public transit solution. (There never will be; this is Miami we're talking about.)  Our legislators will hopefully ponder this quality of life issue in voting on the historic gambling bill. (HAHAHAHAHA) The long-term negative impact of the Genting Group’s mega-plan may far outstrip any short-term financial gain.  (Substitute "will" for "may" and you get my drift.)

Tod Aronovitz, Miami 


  1. I agree. The Genting plan amounts to a total disaster for Miami.

  2. who still reads the Herald?

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