You Heard It Here First -- Toe-Tapping Broken Yacht Case Someday Will End!

So sayeth Magistrate Judge Brown:
Despite this latest motion, the journey will be coming to an end. This Court will not respond to, nor dignify, the latest attack on it except to state the following. It is without dispute that the March, 2005 letter (exhibit B20 in the trial record) is of great significance. In one breath, plaintiff would have the Court believe that plaintiffs produced this document pursuant to Fed.R.CiV.P. 34, that defendant saw this document ... a document which, viewed in a light most favorable to defendant might be grounds for voiding the entire policy and, by extension the Legacy claim from Hurricane Wilma ... yet chose not to copy it. This is particularly relevant because there is no evidence produced (at least so far ...) that said document, nor it contents, nor its subject matter was ever presented to defendant prior to the August, 2005 policy renewal which was prior to the claim arising from Hurricane Wilma.

In the next breath, plaintiff would have the world [ed note -- why thank you, Judge!] believe that defendant knew it had the document but chose not to do any discovery, nor list any witnesses, nor list any experts regarding same - all so defendant could file its motion for sanctions (D.E. 1275).  Defense counsel must have had nightmares when this "biased'' Court denied two similar motions addressing the report prepared after Hurricane Wilma from the vessel manufacturer and the alleged withholding of other materials!  (See D.E. 1238, 1243 and 1284, 1287).

The Court will not allow the journey to continue any further - at least "not on its watch.''
 In other words:  the three-hour tour boat ride from hail sinking ship disaster at sea whatever you want to call it, it too someday will end (someday!).

Promises promises....


  1. if it does end, pete will just file another lawsuit to keep busy. . . he's a zillionaire that most people dont know is a zillionaire

  2. Once again you have purposely refused to cover the Lewis Tein case.

  3. The Biebs should have been toe tappin' instead of tappin' this young thing in the bathroom.

    The attorneys for the babymomma indicated that there is credible evidence, undisclosed evidence, that proves he is the father. I wonder if she saved the skivvies she was wearing at the scene of the crime. He, of course denies ever meeting her.

    Hey Biebs, looks like you might get your wish to be a dad by age 25.

    A word of advice for you Biebs: if you have too much juice in your little bottle, and you think the bottle will explode with a little shaking, get rid of some of the juice first.

    Read the quotes:


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