Your Honor, I Have Controlling Authority Directly On Point: Keith Urban!

Magistrate Judge Goodman, whose penchant for lyrical citations has been discussed here before, takes us on another musical adventure:
To borrow lyrics, albeit out of context, from a Keith Urban song, “And maybe it’s a little too early / To know if this is gonna work.”3
Ok Judge, I'm with you.

Let's see what footnote three says:
3 Urban, Keith. “You Look Good In My Shirt.” Lyrics. Golden Road. Capitol, 2002, available at Born in New Zealand, Urban is a country singer/songwriter who was voted Top New Male Vocalist at the 2001 Country Music Association Awards. He was named CMA’s Entertainer of the Year in 2005. In 2006, Urban won his first Grammy Award and married Australian-born actress Nicole Kidman later that year. Keith Urban Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story, (last visited Nov. 21, 2011). Based on preliminary research, it does not appear that Mr. Urban has released any songs expressly discussing the concept of Article III standing.
Oy -- you were doing great until you big-footed it right at the end!

(Leave that to us professionals....)


  1. Should have stuck with Petty.

  2. Where's your update on Halmos' yacht?

  3. just posted, it took a while to get through the findings. Good thing there are no appellate issues in there.


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