Parsing Judge Ramirez's New Blawg!

A happy development in South Florida Blawgerland:

One of our favorite bunker-dwellers, Judge Ramirez, has started a new blawg!

Judge Ramirez is a fantastic judge and a genuinely good guy, so we're very pleased he has decided to share his thoughts on the law in a more informal setting.

The blog is called "Florida Law Update" -- ok, not the catchiest title in the world, but let's give the Judge a chance.

Taking a look, the Judge has put up two posts about cases we have also covered.

Interestingly, the Judge has managed to discuss these cases without any obscure pop-cultural references, no obsessions with local attorneys, not a single mention of the Holocaust, no discussions of why Robert Palmer and Paul Rogers both fronted 80s supergroups at the exact same time, and no photos of lost starlets we are certain we can cure with our abiding love.

It's a unique approach but we wish the Judge great success!


  1. Is that permissible?

  2. If the holding of a case is murky, and Judge Ramirez blogs about what the case holds, can lawyers cite to his blog?

  3. I liked Power Station but I preferred Arcadia just a little bit more.

  4. Love the idea, but what is the Judge going to do when google starts placing DUI and Ticket attorney ads on his blog automatically?


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