Scott Rothstein Reverses Himself on Crucial Facial Hair Issue!

The biggest news coming out of the Scott Rothstein speed depos was of course broken by Julie Kay -- Scott has completely reversed himself on the merits of facial hair:
Rothstein, who was kept out of the public eye by U.S. Marshals deputies, was described as looking fit, sporting a goatee and talking animatedly.
Yet back in this space in September 2009, when Rothstein was just a wee scheming schmuck with a 70 lawyer firm, he said this:
He will only let his underlings grow facial hair, for example, if they have the right attitude. ``I had one young attorney who wanted to grow a goatee,'' Rothstein says. ``I allowed him to try. But it didn't work. It was patchy and scruffy. Another guy grew one that looked good. But he seemed embarrassed by it. You have to be a beard or goatee kind of guy, or the jury or the client will just think you didn't shave or you're trying to prove something.''
So is Scott now saying he has the requisite 'tude to rock a goat?

Or is he "just trying to prove something"?