Scott Rothstein to Face 30 Lawyers in Depo Equivalent of Speed Dating!

So Scott Rothstein will be brought back to Miami, to be deposed by as many as 30 lawyers who are slotted anywhere from several hours to several days for continuous "speed depos" right up until Christmas Eve?

Only in Scott Rothstein's world does something like this seem even plausible.

Totally unrelated, but anyone remember that old Twilight Zone episode, "Deaths-Head Revisited"?

Just asking.


  1. Harsh but analogy works.

  2. That nut will eat it up. This will be the best day(s) of his life.

  3. I had a case against Scott where I defended management in an FLSA case. 3 days of depositions. Dude was rocking a fake southern accent until he got pissed and then he'd drop into an exaggerated Joe Pesci Goodfellas. I was like WTF?

  4. Does a pig like shit?

  5. I miss Kimmie. The Kimster rocked and that body was rockin.


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